Privacy information for patients

We consider the confidentiality of your personal information together with the care we provide as our highest priority. That is why we do everything to protect your data as well as possible and take the necessary security measures. In doing so, we comply with the privacy legislation and the law on the rights of the patient. By way of this privacy statement we wish to inform you about the way we deal with your data as a patient and about your rights as a patient.

What data of yours do we process and for what purpose?

The staff and doctors of the ITM outpatient clinic collect information of a personal nature about you. In the first place, this is done in order to be able to provide you with optimal health care, to be able to build a complete and correct patient file and possibly also for invoicing.

This data is kept as securely and confidentially as possible. It is only shared with healthcare providers from our medical services and some data is also shared with the administrative staff.

Will your data also be passed on?

That is certainly possible, but it only happens where that is necessary and permissible.
For example, we are statutorily required to report certain infections to, among others, Sciensano (formerly the Scientific Institute of Public Health) and the Flemish Agency for Care and Health (“Vlaams Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid”). Data about you also has to be shared with the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (“RIZIV”) and the health insurance funds. Furthermore, vaccination data may be shared via VaccinNet.

Like many other health care providers, ITM joined the "Collaboratief Zorgplatform (CoZo)", a digital collaboration platform allowing patients, health care providers and health care facilities to exchange medical data and information. From 1 January 2019 onwards, our laboratory results will be shared securely with other health care providers. Only health care providers you have a therapeutic relationship with can gain access to this medical information. Vice versa, ITM medical professionals can access existing or future medical information of their patients collected by other health care providers. This approach facilitates multidisciplinary, transmural and integrated care for our patients.

As a patient you have full control over your personal medical information. More information on Collaboratie Zorgplatform (CoZo) and PatientConsent.

It is also possible that your (anonymised) data and left-overs of body samples might be used in future scientific research. If you do not wish for this, you may always refuse it. For more information on this, see "Use of medical data and left-over body samples for scientific research". For prospective scientific research in which something specific is expected from you (eg filling in a questionnaire or a blood sample collection specifically for scientific research) you will always be asked for an explicit and voluntary consent to participate.

How long will your data be stored?

The storage period for the medical file is legally determined at 30 years (after the last consultation).
Where your personal data are processed and stored for other purposes e.g. for epidemiological purposes or public health), this is in principle never longer than necessary for the specific purpose or your data will be anonymised (e.g. when a doctor wishes to discuss a specific case or illness with another doctor).

What are your rights?

You are always entitled to ask which data of yours we process and you may obtain a copy of this. You may also ask us which data about you we pass on and to which organizations.

You are also entitled to have data corrected where necessary and in some cases you may have data about you removed. You may also view your identification data yourself via our online appointment system and you may correct it where necessary.

If you have additional questions, please contact or phone +32 (0)3 247 07 43.