Research integrity

ITM aims for the highest quality standards for its scientific research.

We consider a culture of research integrity, critical mindset, honesty, openness and transparency a primary condition for good science.

ITM and all its researchers endorse the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity. We incorporated research integrity in our policy declaration and invest in awareness through research ethics and integrity training and seminars.

ITM also installed a Commission on Research Integrity to promote research integrity at the institute and investigate any allegations of misconduct. They formulated the ITM Guidelines regarding authorship in scientific publications and an overview of frequently asked question about authorship

If you wish to notify a concern, please contact the commission’s contact point.

If you have a question about good research practices or integrity, you can also contact one of the members of the commision:

ITM endorses the Flemish Commission on Scientific Integrity (VCWI) as an advisory commission for second opinions.