Online tools and software

  • Clinical decision-making with Kabisa
    Kabisa is an electronic learning environment. With Kabisa, students and physicians can sharpen their diagnostic skills. The software is available as freeware.
  • Interactive modules of clinical epidemiology 
    Including threshold exercices, latent class analysis explanation and sessions on Bayes' theorem.
  • Telemedicine - HIV knowledge exchange
    Telemedicine helps physicians and specialists in the field with their diagnosis of HIV/AIDS-related health problems. It is designed specifically for low-resource environments. Telemedicine offers a web forum and interactive software for continuing medical education.
  • Illustrated lecture notes on tropical medicine
    This is the online version of the course notes on clinical tropical medicine. It is based on the work of Dr. Erwin Van Den Enden. The Lecture Notes are an evidence-based and very elaborate compendium in pdf format, but are not intended as a clinical reference.