Health Care for All

"Access to health care is a fundamental human right. While recognising health for all as the ultimate goal, accessible, efficient, adequate and equitable health care for all is the most urgent need for improving global health, fighting diseases and reducing poverty."

The “Health Care for All” conference held in Antwerp, Belgium, on  October 25-26, 2001, was a joint initiative of the Belgian Government – as the then President of the European Union – and the Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine.

It was attended by Ministers and Directors of Health from Belgium’s 15 African partner countries, by directors and high-level representatives of the European Union and its member states, by UN-based and non-governmental organizations, by representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, and by scientists and experts involved with worldwide health development and disease control.

The intention was not to start yet another global initiative but to provide information and recommendations that could serve as a guide for the various stakeholders and initiatives, and provide a firm basis for national policies.