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Study on the co-administration of the pneumococcal and RSV vaccines

About the clinical trial

With the DUOVI study, we want to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of giving two vaccines (namely one against pneumococcal disease and one against RSV disease) at the same time.

The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) can cause severe lower respiratory tract infections in older adults and adults with chronic medical conditions. As significant number of older adults with influenza-like symptoms have a confirmed RSV infection, and many of them even require hospital admission. Currently, the treatment for RSV is limited to supportive care  and there is no vaccine available to prevent the infection.

Pneumococcal disease is, as is the case for RSV, mainly a seasonal disease (peak in the winter period), causing a high disease burden among older adults. In severe cases, the disease can cause pneumonia, meningitis and blood stream infections. There are however a number of marketed vaccines available to prevent pneumococcal infection.

The sponsor of this study has developed a vaccine against RSV infection. Earlier studies have demonstrated that this vaccine may be effective in preventing the disease and is well tolerated. The goal of the current study however is assess the effectiveness and safety of this vaccine when it is administered together with a marketed pneumococcal vaccine.


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