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Science Day 2022

Monkeypox, tapeworms and rabies: what do they have in common?

Institute of Tropical Medicine (Antwerp)

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ITM will happily open its doors for you on Science Day!

Monkeypox, tapeworms and rabies are all zoonoses, infectious diseases that can pass from animals - such as bats, dogs or rats - to humans.

At the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), we study bacteria, viruses and parasites that transmit diseases, and the impact they have.

Our team of enthusiastic scientists, doctors and lab technicians is ready to welcome you for an interactive exploration full of crazy stories, fun experiments and games.

Come along and discover the wonderful world of zoonoses!

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ITM is located in the vibrant centre of Antwerp. Parking possibilities are limited. Plan your journey with De Lijn or NMBS.

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