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Transmission is the new podcast of the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp. Our enlightening and intimate series shares the personal and professional experiences of researchers and physicians as they relentlessly battle diseases, advance scientific research and fight for the health of people globally.


Outbreaks and emerging infectious diseases

Season 1

Welcome to Transmission, an immersive journey into the heart of global health battles, featuring the researchers at, and partners of, the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp. From early encounters with Ebola in distant villages to the recent fight against COVID-19 in bustling urban settings: these are stories of resilience, discovery and humanity in the most challenging circumstances imaginable.

And so it begins...

Transmission #1

Listen to real-life stories from the frontlines of the fight against Ebola and other deadly infectious diseases. Get ready to learn more about where outbreaks start and why, and how viruses evolve, leaping from animals to humans.

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Solving the riddle

Transmission #2

Meet the members of the Outbreak Research Team. Follow in the footsteps of the most talented scientists as they travel the world to get a grasp on global health challenges, or toil away in hi-tech labs to solve the complex riddles that come with new infectious diseases.

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A leap of faith

Transmission #3

Why do or don't we take advice from healthcare professionals and authorities? What have previous outbreaks taught us about this "human factor"? Follow our researchers as they pitch their tent under snake-filled trees and talk to people in remote villages to find the answers.

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The next one

Transmission #4

When it comes to the next pandemic, the question is not "if" but "when". In this compelling episode, you will meet the most likely candidates for the next outbreak, and find out how well-prepared we are to tackle it. We invite you to explore potential scenarios and reflect on our learnings.

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Discover how diseases leap from animals to humans, where they lurk between outbreaks, the critical role of trust in fighting epidemics, and how disease surveillance safeguards against future pandemics. Intermission can be viewed separately, or as the background to Transmission.

Bites, sips & breaths

Bites, sips & breaths

Intermission #1

With Luciana Lepore, infectious disease specialist in the Unit of Emerging Infectious Diseases

The reservoir

The reservoir

Intermission #2

With Eugene Bangwen, biomedical scientist in the Clinical Reference Laboratory

It's a trust thing

It's a trust thing

Intermission #3

With Nandini Sarkar, health psychologist in the Unit of Equity and Health

Preparing for the next pandemic

Preparing for the next pandemic

Intermission #4

With Philippe Selhorst, medical virologist in the Unit of Virology



In today's interconnected world, emerging infectious diseases and outbreaks are a significant threat to global health. Our dedicated researchers work diligently in the field and in the lab to understand these pressing health threats and prepare for the next pandemic. Delve deeper into the science of outbreak research.

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"If diseases spread rapidly around the world, how do you ensure that health systems and the people who work in them do not crack under the chaos?"

Season 2 coming soon...