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Applied Epidemiology

This 2-week hands-on course offers you an introduction into epidemiological modelling. You will learn to evaluate multiple diagnostic tests, perform simulation modelling of disease transmission processes and more.

Deadline: 5 December 2022

Short Courses

  • Face-to-face

4 ECTS Credits



About the course


This module is a hands-on practical introduction to epidemiological modelling, including simulation modelling. It is entirely taught face to face at ITM. If you are not allowed to travel, there will also be a possibilty to follow the course online.

  • If you are an MScGOH student, you first have to follow the 'Basic' and 'Advanced Epidemiology' modules. A mark of 60% in the ‘Advanced Epidemiology’ module is required, before you can start with this one.
  • If you are not an MScGOH student, please consult the 'Eligibility Criteria'.

Learning objectives

  • Carry out a quantitative risk analysis including uncertainty analysis.
  • Understand Bayesian inference.
  • Evaluate multiple diagnostic tests.
  • Translate available data and expert opinions into probability distributions.
  • Perform simulation modelling of disease transmission processes.

Tuition fee

€ 644 EEA / 1288 non-EEA

Course Administrator(s)

  • Nadia Ehlinger

Course Coordinator(s)

  • Veronique Dermauw

Course Leader(s)

  • Emmanuel Abatih