Our ambitions

ITM in 2020:


  • Internationally consolidated the quality, reputation and impact of its programmes in public health within a global alliance of like-minded schools of thought.
  • Structurally enhanced its curricula with digital and mixed instruction at the expert and/or master's level in the biomedical and clinical sciences.
  • Developed a "Wikitropica" in which it shares and further builds upon its expertise in tropical diseases and public health worldwide.


  • Gained innovative insights in the cellular, molecular and environmental biology of Trypanosoma, Leishmania, Plasmodium, helminths, mycobacteria, HIV, tropical viruses.
  • Developed innovative diagnostics, treatments or ways of combatting these diseases.
  • Built up interdepartmental and interdisciplinary capacity to study and understand infectious epidemics and drug resistance of tropical origin.
  • Internationally proven its expertise in the field of clinical trials.
  • Produced innovative, impactful contributions for universal health care through empirical and policy-making research, theory building and knowledge management.

Medical services

  • Furthered itself nationally and internationally as an undisputed point of reference in its niche.
  • Validated and structured scientific exchange between research and education.
  • Consolidated (an) efficient and sustainable business model.

Capacity building

  • Brought the partnerships in the South to a level of true equality
  • Consolidated these partnerships in terms of scientific contributions with a global impact.
  • Renewed cooperation with Flemish knowledge centres.
  • Advanced the build-up of an active European network of similar institutions.


  • Reformed its support and improvement processes to facilitate the core activities.
  • Achieved transparent and robust financial balance.
  • Developed talent-oriented personnel policy.
  • Maintained up-to-date infrastructure and computer science.
  • Built up engaging and unifying communication policy and reputation management.