Our buildings

Policlinic entrance.
Policlinic entrance.

The Institute for Tropical Medicine is world-renowned for its education, research and services in tropical medicine and health care in developing countries.

We pursue these noble goals from two protected monuments.

Protected monuments

Our main building, constructed in 1933, is an excellent example of Art Deco. It is home to our research department, the hospital and general services. The typical Art Deco style is recognisable from the moment you step into the foyer: the high ceiling, the broad stairs in black and grey marble and the soberly decorated white copper balustrades.

Further along the street, you come to an imposing seventeenth-century convent styled with expressive baroque and traditional limestone elements. This is Campus Rochus, the home of hundreds of international students. With extensive renovations, we transformed the serene convent halls, walkways and private quarters into lively offices, meeting rooms and classrooms.

We are only able to pursue our activities in these buildings thanks to financial support from the Department of Monuments and Landscapes, the National Lottery and the Department of Education.

Would you like to visit?

Campus Rochus chapel.
Campus Rochus chapel.

We are proud to share all this beauty with you. As such, we organise professionally guided tours of our buildings twice a week:

  • Groups: Maximum of 25 people
  • Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Price: 175 euro*
  • Languages: Dutch, French or English.

Interested? Send us an email at communicatie@itg.be or call 03 247 66 66.

Please note: Our tours are very popular. Please contact us at least three months in advance of your planned tour date.

*guided tours planned from 1/1/2020 will cost 185 euro.