A word of thanks

Dear participants,

On behalf of the organising teams I wish to thank you all for your contributions to the 10th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health in Antwerp, 16-20 October 2017. It was an astounding success. 

The gathering of 1.500 scientists and experts from all over the world in Antwerp showed that tropical medicine and international health is very much alive and kicking in Europe. More than 30% came from Africa, Asia and Latin America, illustrating its close connection to the realities of the field and its deep commitment to universal health equity.

The exceptional breadth and depth of our field was highlighted in thought-provoking interactions between disciplines ranging from computational biology to planetary health, between generations ranging from graduate students to venerable emeriti, between experts ranging from curiosity-driven academia to needs-oriented implementers. In spite of this amazing diversity, the coherence of the programme remained strong throughout the congress, by virtue of the common goals and values of all participants. Scientific excellence, societal relevance, global equity, social justice and moral integrity indeed bonded friends and colleagues from all over the world in a passionate week of truly moving forward towards better, evidence-based health for all.

Speakers, organisers, chairs and participants alike had their share in this wonderful event. The keynote speakers in the state-of-the art plenaries set the morning stage for the eight topical tracks, which were further unravelled until sunset in over hundred oral and poster sessions. The 'emerging voices', the journalists in residence, the film programme and the institutional booths added even more spice to the menu. The Elisabeth Centre surpassed the expectations as a stylish, yet easy-going venue. Copious catering, free zoo access and gracious staff greatly contributed to the high spirits that marked the gathering.

ECTMIH2017 had it all: scientific and societal progress, international collegiality and solidarity, spirited friendship and hospitality. Infinite thanks go to the scientific and logistical organising teams, who made the chairmanship all but an honourable title. And an honour it was.

We now pass the torch to the British Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and hope to see you all back in Liverpool at an equally amazing ECTMIH2019.

With warmest regards,

Bruno Gryseels
Congress Chair ECTMIH2017