What data of yours do we process and for what purpose?

If you apply to study at ITM, you have to provide us with a number of personal details, such as identification data, CV, level of education, the home institution and possibly also financial data for applying for a scholarship.

We process this data for different purposes. Obviously for your enrolment and file as a student, but also for e.g. whether you meet the admission requirements for a course and the selection procedure or in order to be able to get a scholarship.

We also process your data where necessary for all sorts of practical services such as visa applications, travel bookings, taking out insurance and arranging the accommodation.

After your studies and upon receipt of your active consent to become a member of the Alumni Network, some of your personal data (name, e-mail address, country, course and year) will be stored in the alumni database in order to keep you connected to the Alumni Network and send you the Alumni Newsletter with information on the activities of the network and its members, alumni travel grants, job and research opportunities, and much more.

Will your data also be passed on?

If strictly necessary and if permitted, your data may be passed on to external processors or receivers.

For example, we are legally obliged to make certain transfers to authorities (e.g. for applications involving scholarships and accreditations), and a transfer may also take place for administrative matters, such as the bank (for payment cards), embassies for visa applications, travel agencies, insurance companies, etc.

Also for instance, for training courses organised in partnership transfer may also be made to the partner institution (such as the Master in Tropical Animal Health in collaboration with the University of Pretoria). This only happens for the relevant data for organising the training course. Ultimately, some information about you may also be visible to e.g. external teachers and fellow students.

Personal data of alumni will never be passed onto third parties, e.g. embassies, without permission. 

How long will your data be stored?

In principle your data will not be kept any longer than necessary for the training. Most of your data will be deleted after completing the training. Some information is kept longer. For example, results (credit certificate or degree obtained or not) are kept for an indefinite period, because these have to be retrievable for authorities, students themselves, etc.

For alumni, personal data (name, e-mail address, country, course and year) will be stored in the alumni database until you decide to unsubscribe. This can be done at any time. Unsubscribing from the Newsletter or updating subscription preferences is possible via the link at the bottom of the Newsletter. Unsubscribing as a member from the Alumni Network can be done by sending an e-mail to  

What are your rights?

You may always log in on Moodle and student course management to review your own data and correct them where necessary. You may always ask us which of your data we process and to whom we pass them on. Please contact or phone +32 (0)3 247 07 43.