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Academic chairs

Establishing a chair allows you to make a social contribution as an entrepreneur, in cooperation with the best research units of ITM.

Our vision of the future was never more ambitious

The opportunities for our donors and supporters have never been greater. An academic chair allows companies, associations and individuals to make a scientific contribution. Join us on this journey by funding the first ITM Academic Chairs, and help us achieve innovative research and educational projects that society will benefit from. 

With your help, we can invest in top-notch research and services that enable us to gain groundbreaking insights into science and society. Our researchers are eager to get started, and look forward to discovering meaningful results with you.

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Interested in endowing a chair? We're happy to discuss the possibilities with you. We will organise an introductory meeting to get to know each other and discuss your wishes.

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Practical info

Establishing a chair is very simple, but there are a few conditions:

  • A chair must have a duration of at least three years with a minimum annual amount of 80,000 euros*.

  • A chair can be established in consultation with the department involved. This will give you the opportunity to link your organisation to the name of the chair.

  • A chair usually focuses on three pillars: education, research and service delivery.

  • A chair can be established through a donation or a sponsor agreement.

*To be decided by ITM internally