Trial overview


The ITM Clinical Trial Centre is evaluating a new vaccine against COVID-19.

About the trial

The phase 3 AESIR trial is looking at the safety and immune response elicited after vaccination with a new COVID-19 vaccine from Bavarian Nordic.

The trial started at the CTC in November 2022 and participants could register until early February 2023. The end of the trial at the CTC is scheduled for summer 2023. That means the trial will last about 7 months for each participant. During that period, they will be expected at least 7 times at the study centre for vaccination, blood sampling, or follow-up of any side effects.

At the CTC, we included more than 60 volunteers in this trial. To be eligible for the trial, all volunteers had to have completed at least the COVID-19 baseline vaccination schedule, and could have received a maximum of 1 booster vaccine.

For more scientific background on the trial, please visit the database in which the trial must be officially registered (

This trial is ongoing

We are no longer accepting participants for this trial. A list of trials for which we are currently seeking participants can be found here.


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