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Contribute to a paper about ethical considerations for sharing qualitative data


Sharing quantitative data underpinning research published in international health journals is today seen as a vital step to ensure research transparency, reproducibility, and accessibility in scientific knowledge production. Despite data sharing policies having been developed primarily with quantitative studies in mind, calls for qualitative researchers to make their data openly accessible have also increased. In light of salient differences between quantitative and qualitative research paradigms, more research is thus needed to better understand the opportunities and challenges of sharing qualitative data, particularly from low-and middle-income countries.

This study will present findings from a rapid interview study conducted with researchers from the Wellcome Trust’s Africa and Asia Programmes (AAPs) and the University of Oxford (n=11), to explore researchers’ experiences, views and practices relating to sharing qualitative data from low-and middle-income countries.

Detailed interview summaries were analysed using thematic analysis. During a subsequent interactive conference workshop attendants from across the AAPs discussed emerging results to elicit feedback and assess thematic saturation. Additionally, data sharing statements and guidelines by key qualitative health research journals and funders will be reviewed. Based on these combined data sources, key ethical and practical considerations relating to qualitative data sharing will be identified and recommendations will be made.

Data sharing; qualitative data; low- and middle-income countries; research ethics


  • Ongoing initiative

  • Started in 2022 under University of Oxford Postdoc Fellowship (Wellcome Trust)


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