Statistics experiences

Write vignettes to share statistics experiences that do not make it into classical research papers

Episode 1: “When retrospective data is censored data”


In research that calls for the use of statistical analyses, things are often more challenging than originally anticipated. Sometimes this extra challenge is encountered during the planning of the project. At other times, it only becomes apparent during the analysis itself, at the end of the study. For instance, the planned analysis might not suffice anymore due to problems in the data that has been collected, or the analysis was inadequate from the beginning and this was only made apparent when trying to apply it. The research team will then hopefully find a creative solution which allows them to bring the study to a successful end. Unfortunately, the process of encountering the challenges and overcoming them with solutions is rarely reflected in the final publication, so the insights that are garnered during this process are not passed on.

The present initiative aims at unlocking these hidden insights. Whereas the published paper rarely leaves room for self-reflection and documenting the challenges and solutions that arose during the statistical analysis, the Data Hub allows for the creation of this documentation and disseminating it so that it may assist other researchers who encounter these same or similar issues. This is not limited to research papers, and can also include experiences encountered during teaching.


  • Ongoing initiative