Our partners worldwide

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Institutional capacity building supported by Belgian Development Cooperation
Institutional capacity building supported by Flanders
Alliance of education and exchange


Switching the Poles is our unique capacity building programme in developing countries, whereby our partner take charge of their situation. This programme is financed by the Belgian Development Cooperation.


Be-cause health is the Belgian platform for international health with approximately 50 members involved in development cooperation on international health. ITM runs the administrative office.


Created in 2008, LINQED is a network of educational institutions and government–related partners providing postgraduate training in human and animal tropical medicine, public health and international health.

Medicines and ethics

ITM has been active for years on quality of medicines and ethics in research and health care in develepment countries.

Health Care for All

"Access to health care is a fundamental human right. While recognising health for all as the ultimate goal, accessible, efficient, adequate and equitable health care for all is the most urgent need for improving global health, fighting diseases and reducing poverty."