Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question? Please read our FAQ first.


Do I need to make an appointment if I want to see a doctor?

Yes, every patient must make an appointment.

Can I make an appointment online?

You absolutely can. We actually prefer you to make most appointments online.

How can I consult my laboratory results?

You can find your laboratory results in CoZo. 

  1. Surf to or open the CoZo app. 

  2. Use your electronic identity card or itsme to login. 

  3. Click on 'results'. 

Feel free to contact us via or via 03 247 66 66 if you have additional questions. We are only available on weekdays. 

What should I do if I have medical questions or questions about my appointment?

You can contact our appointment office by calling 03 247 66 66 or by mailing to

If you have a medical question, you should contact your doctor.

Can I consult a doctor via e-mail or telephone?

No, that is not possible. Consultations are only provided at the institute.

Do I get all my required vaccinations during my initial travel consultation?

Yes, you will receive the vaccinations during the initial consultation.

Any vaccinations (e.g. rabies) that need to be repeated will be scheduled for administration during the blood test. You do not have to pay for a consultation. Your GP can also do this.

I want to make an appointment but only 10 minutes are assigned to the consultation. What if I need more time?

By default, we assume 10 minutes per patient.

Don't worry, the doctor will answer all your questions. It's not a problem if the consultation lasts longer than 10 minutes. 

When is the institute open?

ITM is open on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 9am to 5pm.

We are closed during the weekend.

From what age should a child be vaccinated against yellow fever?

Children should be vaccinated from the age of 9 months.

However, they should receive a booster vaccination for subsequent trips to an endemic prayer from the second year of life. 

Is there a dermatologist at the Institute?

No, there is no dermatologist present at ITM.

Where can I get a duplicate of the yellow booklet?

ITM can make a duplicate if your yellow fever vaccine was administered at the Institute as well.

We charge €10 to make a duplicate.

How much do vaccinations cost?

The total price of the vaccinations and consultation can vary between €50 and €150 approximately, part of which will be reimbursed by your health insurance fund.

Do I have to bring the vaccines myself?

You don't have to bring the vaccines yourself. We have them in stock.

Vous ne devez pas apporter les vaccins vous-même. Nous les avons en stock.

I am not completely satisfied with the service. What can I do?

Don't keep it to yourself. We can only effectively solve a problem, whether it's big or small, if you report it to us.

More information on our compliments and complaints page.


Can I bring someone along to a COVID-19 test?

We recommend to come alone if possible.

This is still the safest option in the current circumstances. If you insist on bringing someone else, we recommend a maximum of one extra person per patient. 

Can I go to the Institute of Tropical Medicine for a COVID-19 test?

We perform the COVID-19 test for travellers only.

Non-travellers can contact their family doctor.

I have symptoms of COVID-19, can I come to ITM?

You cannot come to the Institute of Tropical Medicine if you have symptoms that may indicate COVID-19 (fever, cough and/or shortness of breath).

Call your doctor and mention your symptoms. Your doctor will tell you over the phone what to do and whether you need to be tested. 

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Signs of COVID-19 may range from mild to severe respiratory illness, with the main symptoms being:

  • fever, 

  • cough, 

  • difficulty breathing.

Other symptoms may include:

  • severe and sudden fatigue, 

  • aching of the muscles, 

  • loss of taste and/or smell, 

  • diarrhoea,

  • rashes,

  • stuffy nose. 

Are you experiencing some of the symptoms mentioned above? Don't hesitate to call your doctor. Your doctor will tell you over the phone what to do and whether you need to be tested. 

Some people are infected with the virus, but show no symptoms whatsoever.

What COVID-19 measures does the Institute of Tropical Medicine take?

Keep your distance from caregivers, wash your hands regularly and apply all other hygiene measures.

Wearing a mouth mask is also still compulsory.

Is a safe distance from others guaranteed in the waiting room?

We have taken the necessary measures to ensure a safe distance in our waiting room.

Keep 1.5 metres away from others and always leave one chair between yourself and other patients in the waiting room. Come to your appointment on time, but not too much in advance either. 

Can I receive a COVID-19 vaccination at ITM?

No, these are no longer being administered at ITM.

For a COVID-19 vaccination, you can go to the vaccination centre in your neighbourhood. 


I had an unsafe (sexual) encounter and may have an STI. What should I do?

If you have been at high risk and/or are worried, don't hesitate to make an appointment at ITM.

The doctor will determine whether preventive steps should be taken. We are bound by medical secrecy and work confidentially. This means that data won't be passed on to third parties - except your health insurance fund - and no information will be sent home. More information.

Is it possible for consultations to happen anonymously?

It is possible to remain anonymous when coming in for an HIV related test or consultation. Other tests and consultations (other STI's included) cannot be done anonymously.

However, full confidentiality for all consultations and tests will always be guaranteed. For example, data collected during the consultation and results of the tests will never be shared with third parties. More information.

I value discretion. Is it possible to not receive mail at home?

This is certainly possible.

However, you will have to pay immediately after your doctor's visit, your consultation and/or any lab tests. This can be done at the reception desk.

How much does it cost to be tested for an STI?

An STI screening by a nurse is free as long as you have no complaints.

If the nurse refers you to a doctor, however, you will have to pay for a consultation. More information.

When do I have to pay for my consultation and lab tests?

After each doctor's consultation, we will send the invoice to the address you provided.

If you do not have a residential address in Belgium or if you prefer not to receive your invoice at home, you can pay immediately after the consultation at the reception desk of the outpatient clinic. You can pay with cash or by card.