Whether you are looking for data, guidance on how to deal with data, or inspiration for combining data, welcome to the datahub website! We link you to a selection of open access materials developed at ITM and elsewhere which you can use for research and training. Thematically, we focus on how human populations are affected by and respond to health challenges.


The Hub will unlock expertise and data from within ITM, combine data stemming from various contexts and disciplines, and foster collaborations within Flanders and beyond, with a focus on how (vulnerable) populations are affected by and cope with disease and health challenges. ITM, as a relatively small, but highly multidisciplinary, institute, with direct collaborations with many (vulnerable) populations is ideally positioned for this.

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Tine Verdonck

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Clara Affun-Adegbulu

Clara Affun-Adegbulu is a nurse and public health researcher at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp. In the past, Clara worked on health systems and policy, but her broad area of interest is determinants of health and she is particularly interested, on the one hand, in how individual characteristics such as gender and race influence health, and on the other hand, in the implications for international politics and relations for development and health.

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Theo Cosaert

Theo Cosaert is a social scientist, with a background in sociology (MSc) and in medical anthropology (MSc), and experience in qualitative methodologies. His work focuses on barriers to healthcare and health equity. In addition to this, he has a strong interest in Science and Technology Studies and philosophy of science.

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Stefanie Dens

Stefanie Dens has a background in civil engineering-architecture and urbanism. She is fascinated by complex urban projects and interdisciplinary collaborations. Design research forms the basis for her practical and academic work, which takes place mainly in Europe, Asia and Africa, in cities prone to (natural) disasters, infectious diseases or the consequences of climate change.

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Eskedar Getie Mekonnen

Eskedar Getie Mekonnen has a background in Public Health and a masters degree in Reproductive and Child Health. She is currently a final year student of Epidemiology at the University of Antwerp. In her research career she has conducted studies on maternal, child, and sexual health epidemiology. She has also a special interest in areas such as  health inequality and social epidemiology at large.

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Marie Meudec

Marie Meudec is a social scientist working on social and racial justice and health inequities, including those based on gender, sexuality, migratory status, and religion. She has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Haiti, Saint-Lucia and Canada. She has extensive experience in literature review, academic writing, expert report writing, and student teaching and mentoring. Dedicated to qualitative methods, she has a background in Sociology (Master), Anthropology of health (Master), and Anthropology (PhD and postdoctoral fellowship).

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Claudia Nieto

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Mira Schneiders

Mira Schneiders is a qualitative health researcher, with a background in Psychology and a Master and PhD in Global Health Science. She has conducted most of her research in Southeast Asia on various topics including HIV, ageing, global health ethics and AMR, tied together by her interest in using research and policy to improve health among marginalised and vulnerable populations.

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Aline Semaan

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Tom Smekens

Tom Smekens is a statistician with a background in the social sciences. He has a special interest in communication gaps between disciplines and how to bridge them, both in conducting research and in teaching statistical methods. He has also followed the replication crisis and seeks to better interpret and communicate uncertainty in results of statistical analyses. 

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