Whether you are looking for data, guidance on how to deal with data, or inspiration for combining data, welcome to the datahub website! We link you to a selection of open access materials developed at ITM and elsewhere which you can use for research and training. Thematically, we focus on how human populations are affected by and respond to health challenges.


On this page, the focus is on data-related standards and values rather than on the data itself. We have selected a set of interesting resources for you, that help you understand and unravel the connections between population health data and themes such as reproducibility, research integrity, fairness, ethics, and equity. 


ITM’s datahub will act as a local node for the Belgian reproducibility network, a cross-disciplinary, peer-led network of researchers, aiming to promote and support rigorous, reproducible research practices in Belgium. 

To engage in a meaningful debate about the pursuit of reproducibility in the domain of public health, we believe that it is essential to look at this concept from diverse disciplinary perspectives. In a keynote speech for the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts entitled "The many faces of reproducibility", thinker-in-residence Sabina Leonelli gives a fresh and comprehensive overview. She illustrates how - in research discourse and practice - reproducibility is interpreted in different ways and serves a variety of epistemic functions. She explains how the uncritical pursuit of reproducibility can be misleading and potentially damaging to scientific progress.

Ethics and governance of artificial intelligence for health – WHO

BRIDGE guidelines: fairness, integrity, reproducibility – KIT Royal Tropical Institute