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A Date with Science

A new dawn in identifying protective immunity against Neglected Tropical Diseases

24 Nov 202215:00 - 16:00

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For many neglected tropical diseases, especially those caused by large and complex pathogens, knowledge on protective immune responses is lacking and severely hampering therapy and vaccine development. By means of innovative pipelines, we are striving to better understand the host-parasite interactions driving the diverse clinical spectrum of leishmaniasis and the related development of immunodiagnostics and a subunit vaccine. The derived patient immunosurveillance tools are also empowering warranted evaluations of vaccine immunogenicity across novel vaccine schedules of Ebola and rabies, and insights on the puzzling immune response to SARS-CoV-2 in sub-Saharan Africa.


This seminar is a part of ITM's A Date with Science, a series of academic seminars that take place every last Thursday of the month live in Antwerp and online.


Wim Adriaensen was trained in immunology and medical research during his double-PhD in medical sciences and public health (Academic Centre for General Practice, KULeuven and Institute of Health and Society, UCLouvain, Belgium).

He started at ITM as a clinical trial scientist (Clinical Trial Unit, ITM) to gain more affinity with clinical trials and project management on several infectious diseases in low-resource settings. In 2016, he founded a clinical immunology research line within the unit of neglected tropical diseases at ITM with a particular dedication on human cellular immunity and its translation to bench side diagnostic and therapeutic applications. 

Since 2021, Wim is heading the Clinical Immunology Unit in the Department of Clinical Sciences, with a similar dedication in the field of several NTDs. Simultaneously, he is strongly invested in capacity building programs in Ethiopia and DRC.