Teacher of health care workers from all over the world

Every year about 700 health care workers come study at ITM. The Institute prepares young Belgian doctors and nurses for their stay in the tropics. Vice versa, thousands of health care workers from the South have come to Antwerp to amass knowledge with which they can promote health care in their own countries.

ITM is also an educational institution. You can earn your Master in Public Health or in Tropical Animal Health. There are post-graduate programmes in tropical medicine for doctors, biomedical specialists and pharmacists and for nurses and midwives. Furthermore, ITM offers all sorts of courses about HIV and AIDS, clinical research, health management, and more. About half of the students are foreigners, from across the globe.

Dr Tinto, head of the Clinical Research Unit of Nanoro (Burkina Faso)
Dr Tinto, head of the Clinical Research Unit of Nanoro (Burkina Faso)

Thanks to the support of the Belgian Directorate General for Development Cooperation and the Ackermans & Van Haaren Foundation, among others, the Institute is able to award scholarships every year, especially to candidates from countries with low or moderate incomes. Every year dozens of doctoral students come to ITM, in fields from molecular biology to anthropology. There are typically about 100 doctoral students at the Institute at any given time. Half of them come from developing countries and follow a ‘sandwich’ programme, with research activities in their homeland as well as at ITM.

The list of ITM alumni who made a difference in their own countries after having spent time in Antwerp is impressive. One notable example is Halidou Tinto, who after receiving his medical degree in 2006 founded an international-level centre for malaria research with 250 employees in his homeland of Burkina Faso