Marleen Boelaert Study Fund

Marleen Boelaert, respected epidemiologist and one of the driving forces behind ITM, was committed to social justice and equality. She built an extensive international network, was a mentor for countless students and staff members, raised awareness on neglected tropical diseases such as sleeping sickness, and aimed for access to quality health care for all. Continue her impressive legacy by supporting her initiative. By doing so, you create new opportunities for promising care providers and research talent.

In support of promising talent

Students enrolling in a regular study or research programme of ITM that devote themselves to themes to which Marleen was also committed, are eligible for a scholarship from the Marleen Boelaert Study Fund. Moreover, the student may attach Marleen Boelaert's name to their research.

By supporting the Marleen Boelaert Study Fund, a student with promising talent from the Global South is given a valuable opportunity to pursue further education (abroad). This way, you also contribute to research on topics that Marleen herself fought for.

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A tribute to her devotion

Marleen was very committed to the well-being of students. She went above and beyond to ensure that they carried their acquired knowledge to the benefit of their home countries. It was her way of strengthening low- and middle-income countries (LMIC).

Regrettably, Marleen passed away far too soon. Her intrinsic motivation - to change the world by providing research and educational opportunities for young students and researchers - is something we deeply cherished throughout all the years she was a colleague of ours. To keep her in our midst and honour her life's work, we established the Marleen Boelaert Study Fund.

Marleen Boelaert Scholarships

Students from the Global South who pursue further education at ITM in Antwerp are also eligible for a grant from the Marleen Boelaert Fund, provided that their research is related to endeavours to which Marleen devoted herself. These grants cover students' expenses during their stay in Antwerp, including registration fees, travel and accommodation costs, among others.

Marleen Boelaert Fellowships

Help a student of the Democratic Republic of the Congo start a Marleen Boelaert Fellowship. Fellowships are grants that enable young professionals to pursue studies at one of ITM's partner institutions and thus embark on their journey into the world of research.


Marleen Boelaert Scholarships at ITM

Mahruba Khanam

  • Research Coordinator at BRAC James P Grant school of Public Health (Bangladesh)

  • PhD student at the University of Antwerp

"As a researcher and programme officer, I find that the training at ITM helps me tremendously in my daily work. The interactive classes lift you to a professional working level. Being from Bangladesh, a low-income country, I can now apply everything I have learnt in my own country. Without a scholarship, I would not have been able to study at such a renowned institute for my field as ITM."

ruth diavita_resized_paint

Marleen Boelaert Fellowships in DRC

Ruth Diavita

  • Medical researcher at the University of Kinshasa

  • PhD student at ITM

"After my studies, I joined the INRB, a partner institution of ITM in DR Congo, as a research physician. My mentor recommended me to follow the CREDO programme through the fellowship. It allowed me to set up a research project in my own country, receiving guidance from top experts both from home and abroad. That personal approach was of such value. That experience made me decide to pursue an academic career. Now I am pursuing a master's degree in tropical medicine at ITM."

Give talent like Mahruba and Ruth a boost

You can contribute by donating to bank account number (IBAN) BE38 2200 5311 1172 of the Institute of Tropical Medicine, stating 'Fund Marleen Boelaert' as reference.

If you donate at least 40 euro a year, you are entitled to a tax certificate and a tax reduction of 45% on the donated amount.

Support promising talents: promote the Marleen Boelaert Study Fund

By promoting the fund, you help young researchers to continue their education. Get involved and spread our flyer with friends, relatives, professionals contacts or anyone that might be interested. Download the flyer as a document (pdf) or as an image (png):

For the moment, the flyer is only available in Dutch.

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