HIV follow-up

Every year, a multidisciplinary team of ITM's clinic monitor thousands of people living with HIV. This team provides the necessary support for them to live with a chronic illness such as HIV.

Extensive and accessible HIV care

Medical follow-up

All HIV patients should come by the clinic every five to six months for a follow-up consultation with a doctor. During the consultation, the patient discusses well-being and receives sufficient prescriptions until the next appointment. We strive to have a regular doctor for each patient.

Psychosocial guidance

Our social nurses offer emotional and psychosocial support. They also help with administrative issues or HIV-related problems or concerns.

Therapy counselling

Our therapy counsellors provides basic information about HIV and guide you both prior to and during the beginning stages of medication.

Sexological counselling

For some sexual problems, it is best to be guided by a sexologist. Your social nurse or doctor can refer you.

Psychological counselling

Should you need additional support for psychological problems that require more intensive guidance, an appointment with a psychologist is always possible. Your social nurse or doctor can refer you.

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The experts of our clinic are specialised in everything related to STIs and HIV. Make an appointment now.

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My Life

Mental health is important. My Life is a project of a multidisciplinary team from the Antwerp HIV reference centre. Every year we evaluate the quality of life (and other psychosocial factors) of our patients to ensure that everyone receives the best possible care.

About My Life
Vhiva_optie2 Cora Lamonte and Wenne Mertens


Since 2008, ITM's social nurses Wenne Mertens and Cora Lamonte have been organising Vhiva, a peer support group. They hold four meetings a year for people living with HIV to talk about various topics, such as following up on medication, disclosure of HIV status, ageing with HIV, and mental health.

To learn more about Vhiva, feel free to contact Wenne Mertens or Cora Lamonte.