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Documentary series about ITM will be aired on Canvas in November

In November 2020, the Flemish public television will broadcast a documentary series highlighting the activities of the Institute.
"We find your Institute really fascinating and would like to make a documentary series about your activities." With these words, producers from production company Geronimo approached ITM two years ago. This resulted in a four-episode documentary series that will appear on the television channel Canvas in November 2020. The series takes a look behind the scenes of ITM.

The current pandemic is shaking the world awake. Infectious diseases are suddenly a hotter topic than ever, but for ITM they have been at the heart of our activities for over a century. For two years, a crew from the production company Geronimo followed life at the Institute. More than a hundred days of filming and four overseas trips went into four episodes focusing on major health challenges and ITM's contribution to finding solutions. The viewers will be introduced to ITM’s research on antibiotic resistance, sleeping sickness, malaria, etc. and our role in epidemics of Ebola and COVID-19. They discover the unique collaborations between ITM and its partners. Last but not least, the viewers get to know the people behind science, (PhD) students, patients and talk about their experiences in the world of infectious diseases. The first episode of the series will be broadcast on Canvas on 15 November. The exact date will be announced by Canvas later.

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