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FWO awards 5 ITM senior research projects

ITM submitted 17 research projects to FWO’s call for fundamental research projects. 5 senior research projects were awarded.
Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) awarded 266 new research projects out of the 1297 projects that were submitted, an overall success rate of 20.5%. ITM can be proud of this year’s 30% success rate.

The following three ITM-led applications were approved:

  • Eva Bartok and Jan Van Den Abbeele will study the innate immune response that is triggered by a trypanosome-infected tsetse fly.
  • Manu Bottieau and Laurens Liesenborghs have set up a multidisciplinary ORT-project to study the drivers of Monkeypox outbreaks in D.R. Congo. This will be a close collaboration with the UA ecology team of Herwig Leirs, the poxvirus experts of the German Robert Koch Institute and our institutional partner INRB in D.R. Congo.
  • Bouke de Jong and Oren Tzfadia will study whether Bedaquiline TB resistance to the new drug Bedaquiline can be predicted by computational integration of omics data. This is an ambitious project that also involves Antwerp University, Harvard University, Colorado University, Bradford University and Maatstricht University.

Finally, ITM is also involved in two projects led by the University of Antwerp. Dieter Heylen will collaborate with Erik Matthysen on a study of the variability in capacity of birds to transmit Borrelia bacteria to feeding ticks, while Katja Polman will collaborate with Bob Colebunders in a study that will investigate the causality between onchocerciasis and epilepsy.

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