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ITM launches "U=U" HIV campaign to fight stigma

Show your support with #asmilethatsticks


ITM is launching this campaign because, after more than 40 years, there is still a major challenge in HIV care: stigma. People living with HIV unfortunately still have to face it on a daily basis.

A stigma labels, brands and sticks to people. This has to stop.

We are therefore spreading our U=U smileys stickers and tattoos with the message:

  • U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable) means that if HIV medication is used correctly, the virus is no longer detectable and therefore not transmissible sexually.

  • YOU=YOU emphasises equality between people living with or without a disease such as HIV.

Stick our U=U stickers everywhere and put a removable tattoo against stigma.
The most beautiful, original photos on #asmilethatsticks via social media will win prizes.
Stick and win: there is a winning post every week!
The action runs from 1 December '22 until 1 March '23. 

You can order your stickers and tattoos from our social nurses, Wenne and Cora

The #asmilethatsticks campaign is an initiative of the social nurses of the HIV Reference Centre  within the Institute of Tropical Medicine and was made possible with the support of ViiV Healthcare and Gilead.

Do you have questions about living with HIV or about U=U? Are you living with HIV and want to have a chat?

In every HIV Reference Centre you can contact a professional medical and paramedical team, addresses HRCs:

Sensoa positive supports people living with HIV, their families and professionals who come into contact with HIV:;

Send an email to or call Sensoa Positive 078 151 100

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