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Three new microorganism collections added to BCCM LIMS

Together with colleagues from the University of Liège and the University of Ghent, ITM staff added three new collections to the database of BCCM (Belgian Coordinated Collections of Microorganisms).
The BCCM consortium consists of 7 decentralised cultural collections that are coordinated and financed by the Federal Science Policy Office. The ITG houses one of the collections of the BCCM-consortium, namely the BCCM/ITM-mycobacterial collection.

Four other collections had already been brought together in the BCCM Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) since 2015. Three collections have now been added, namely the collection of mycobacteria (ITG), cyanobacteria (ULC) and diatoms (DCG).

Scientists can access the collections via the online BCCM catalogue.

The ITM IT Department worked closely with the end users of the three collections. They mapped all data sources and step by step prepared the data for migration to fully-fledged databases per collection. The collaboration brought the data quality of the collections and the storage of biological material to a higher level.

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