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ITM receives €41,000 donation from Antwerp Diner

This contribution will support the development of an online self-sampling platform for HIV / STI diagnosis in Flanders.

On 3 July 2023, Antwerp Diner foundation handed over a €41,000 cheque to ITM. This contribution will allow Dr Irith De Baetselier and her colleagues to continue the development of an online home self-sampling platform for the diagnosis of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Flanders. The funding will be specifically used to review the acceptability of the first version of the Test2Know platform together with a group of test users.

Late HIV detection causes new infections

In Belgium, the obtainance of timely HIV diagnoses remains a challenge. Factors such as fear and stigma discourage individuals at higher risk of HIV/STIs from getting - physically - tested by healthcare providers. These barriers contribute to a "hidden" epidemic that sustains the further spread of HIV.

Test2Know can help overcome these barriers by offering home-based self-sampling kits for HIV and STI testing online. Unlike commercial platforms that sell HIV/STI tests online, the Test2Know platform takes a comprehensive clinical framework and users' risk profiles into account. In addition, it offers proper follow-up with progression to care.

Antwerp Diner's annual event

Antwerp Diner foundation organises an annual gala dinner to raise money for AIDS and HIV related research and prevention projects. The most recent edition took place 5th of  February at the Hilton Hotel in Antwerp. Thanks to the huge success of this event, Antwerp Diner raised a significant amount, which will be distributed in full to three organisations fighting against HIV/AIDS: Sensoa, Tomorrow4isibani and the Institute of Tropical Medicine.

We are extremely grateful to Antwerp Diner and to all participants and supporters of the event. This support is invaluable in our relentless pursuit of scientific excellence and societal impact.

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  • Antwerp-Diner-overhandiging-cheque-ITG-1
    From left to right: Birgit Baudry, Tom Platteau, Irith De Baetselier and Thomas Cools
  • Antwerp-Diner-overhandiging-cheque-ITG-2
    From left to right: Tris Beckers (Tomorrow4isibani), Patrick Reyntiens (Sensoa) and Irith De Baetselier (Institute of Tropical Medicine)

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