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Stories of Séverine: tales of life and death in a maternity clinic in Afghanistan

Séverine, our dedicated obstetrician, takes you to Afghanistan. Her experiences as a volunteer for Doctors Without Borders in a maternity clinic in Khost offer a glimpse into the lives of Afghan women and the local health care professionals who work tirelessly to make a difference. Join Séverine on her journey as she gets to know Afghan culture, confronts personal challenges, and discovers the profound resilience of the human spirit.
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Greetings from Khost, Afghanistan

Séverine's story begins with her first visit to the maternity clinic in Khost, a sanctuary in a country haunted by relentless conflict, perpetual crises and the weight of an overburdened health system.

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Just a standard day in Khost, Afghanistan

Séverine shares with us what a typical day in the maternity clinic looks like and the challenges that come with it.

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Things that matter, especially in Khost

Through firsthand experiences we find out what matters in Khost.

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"Rule number one in politics: never invade Afghanistan"

Afghanistan has had a long history of war, and it doesn't seem that that will change any time soon.

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The thin line between hope and despair

Giving birth in Khost is often coin toss between life and death.

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The bomb attack

In the heart of Afghanistan's turmoil, life in Khost defies the odds and we continue to provide maternal care amidst chaos.

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The return of the Taliban

After 20 years the American forces leave Afghanistan. The Taliban are in full control again. What will this mean for women and girls?

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Between tea parties and the Taliban: new life and death

The consequences of the Taliban regime become apparent. Meanwhile we struggle with losses and celebrate new life.

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About Séverine

Séverine Caluwaerts is a gynaecologist / obstetrician at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp. As a volunteer for Doctors Without Borders, she was active in Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi and Afghanistan, among others.

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