A gift is the simplest way to support the ITM. You give money or goods, such as books or artwork, but do not pay any registration fees. You choose for yourself where your gift will go and set this in stone with a statement of intention. If you don’t have any particular preference, the ITM will decide on your behalf.

For gifts of 40 euro or more per year, you have the right to a tax reduction. You’ll receive a fiscal attest in the month of March of the year after your gift is received, regardless of the way in which you give us that gift.

Would you like to support us with money? Choose from these three payment methods:

Credit card

Donate online.



Bank transfer

Transfer your amount of choice to our bank account:
IBAN: BE38 2200 5311 1172
Use the reference: ‘Gift (for …)’.


A donation is more formal than a gift. You give us certain goods or properties, specified by your notary in a notarial deed.
Would you like to donate to the ITM? Please contact us for further details.


Would you like to include the ITM in your will or testament? You can do this to bequest a sum of money, stock market shares, various goods such as a valuable collection, property or building. The ITM pays just 8.5% succession and transfer rights.
What if you have a substantial legacy but don’t want to see it lost to succession rights? Make a duo-bequest. You bequeath a part of your legacy in a bequest to the ITM. The institute pays the succession rights for your heirs. Contact your notary for more information.


Would you, as a company, club or individual, like to work to with us on the mission, expertise and goals of the ITM? Please contact us. We would be happy to work out a collaborative project with you.