What happens with your support?

You want to support us, but need to know where your money is going. Let us explain all the possibilities:


Of course, you can choose for yourself what we do with your donation, but we also have a few existing funds:

  • Heritage fund: renovations and maintenance of the historical heritage of the ITM.
  • Scholarship fund: (partial) scholarships for the costs of enrolment and living.
  • AIDS fund.
  • Neglected diseases fund: kala-azar, buruli ulcer, etc.
  • Malaria fund.
  • Sleeping sickness fund.
  • Tuberculosis fund.


With a temporary or permanent chair, you support research and education at the ITM. You can do this as a private individual, company, club or union.
The institute uses your donation to support teachers, researchers or international guest professors. Together with the ITM, you specify the scientific theme and the name of the chair.


Every year, more than 700 students follow a continuation in their courses of education at the ITM. The majority come from developing countries.

A number of them receive scholarships from the Ministry of Development Cooperation and other organisations. Other students gather the means to finance their studies and living costs themselves. Help them with a (partial) scholarship. You can choose for yourself which student receives your scholarship.

These scholarships produce optimal results. Almost all our international students have several years of practical experience behind them and, after their study at the ITM, return to their homelands to improve healthcare there.

Philanthropic projects

Philanthropic projects are temporary fundraisers with specific purposes; e.g. the renovation of a clinic or a new laboratory.

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