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Master of Science in Tropical Medicine - orientation Biomedical Sciences

Follow tropical diseases from 'lab to bed' with a focus on both pathogens and patients across the globe. The course integrates clinical and biomedical expertise in tropical diseases in resource-constrained settings.

Deadline: 31 januari 2023


60 ECTS-credits



Jahan Mallick 2

Mallick Jahan


For the purpose of working in the humanitarian field and to gain more experience in public health and tropical diseases, I decided to enrol in the MSc in Tropical Medicine (MTM). The Postgraduate Certificate in Tropical Medicine and International Health (TMIH) forms the core module of the master’s degree and contains a diversity of lessons on global health care, epidemiology, and the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases. For the second semester, I got the opportunity to create an individual study plan to deepen my knowledge of certain topics that interested me, such as tuberculosis and HIV. Additional courses helped me to learn more about the fundamentals of scientific research, how to perform clinical studies and how to evaluate and improve health interventions.

ITM offers well designed courses with experienced teachers who do not only teach theoretical knowledge, but also practical and hands-on knowledge that is useful for actual work in the field. The international study environment allows you to interact and exchange experience with students from all over the world. The course and teaching variety helped me to improve skills such as structuring and presenting knowledge, but also using limited resources to find solutions for a variety of problems. Overall, it was an intense and very enriching year and I can definitely recommend giving it a try.



€ 5460 EER / 16500 niet-EER


NVAO , geldig tot 30 september 2023

Programme director(s)

  • Jean-Claude Dujardin

Programme coördinator(s)

  • Mieke Stevens

Programme administrator(s)

  • Jasmien Adams


  • mtm@itg.be