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06 jul 2017

Proclamatie Master in Public Health

Institute of Tropical Medicine , Antwerp
Pills and condoms

14-15 sep 2017

PBF & Family Planning: a participatory meeting

Updating how PBF and other results-based financing programs address quality of care in low- and middle-income countries

Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Antwerp

16-20 okt 2017

10th European Congress of Tropical Medicine and International Health (ECTMIH 2017)

Flanders Meeting and Convention Center, Antwerp
Community ART groups in Mozambique

16 jun 2017

PhD defence of Tom Decroo

Community-based ART in sub-Saharan Africa: lessons learnt from Community ART Groups in Tete province, Mozambique

Auditorium Kinsbergen, Antwerp University Hospital (UZA), Edegem
mycobacterium tuberculosis (c) CDC

13 jun 2017

PhD defence of Willy Ssengooba

Consequences of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genetic diversity in the context of HIV co-infection for laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis in Africa

Agnietenkapel of the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

08-08 jun 2017

PrEP-seminarie voor gezondheidswerkers

Hiv-PrEP wordt terugbetaald! Wat betekent dat in de praktijk?

Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde, Antwerpen

12 mei 2017

PhD defence Florian Vogt

Operational challenges during the scale-up of antiretroviral therapy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Promotiezaal, Building Q, Campus Drie Eiken, University of Antwerp, Wilrijk

09 mei 2017

PhD defence Charlotte Gryseels

Resistant humans, mosquitos and parasites in Cambodia: producing contested evidence for malaria elimination strategies in the margins of a repellent trial

Agnietenkapel of the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam