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Health Systems Strengthening

Join our 3-week course and learn how to best seize local, national and international opportunities to strengthen health systems towards Universal Health Coverage.

Deadline: 15 november 2022

Short Courses

  • Face-to-face

  • Antwerp

5 ECTS-credits



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The need for managers of health programmes and (local) health systems, and policymakers capable to strengthen their (local) health systems in an effective and comprehensive way remains huge.
The aim of this 3-week course is to enable students to seize opportunities for health system strengthening - provided by the local setting and national policies, specific disease-control programmes, programmes of international agencies and global health initiatives – in order to contribute to universal health coverage. Students will also be able to monitor and evaluate the process and results of health systems strengthening strategies.
We adopt WHO’s definition of a ‘health system’ as all organisations, people and actions whose primary intent is to promote, restore or maintain health and will frame health system strengthening at local level within system-wide reforms and policies at national and global levels. We include perspectives from different disciplines such as health policy and systems research, change management, complexity and systems thinking, and political science.
The course draws on ITM’s comprehensive expertise and field experience in the development, implementation and evaluation of health systems strengthening strategies in a wide range of low resource settings. The input of ITM staff is complemented by the involvement of worldwide partners and alumni, who will present country-based case studies. Participants also benefit from the rich exchange of experience between professionals originating from different parts of the world.


At the end of this course, the participant should be able to develop, implement and evaluate strategies for strengthening of health systems. More specifically, the participants should be able to:
  •  critically review different health system frameworks and models
  • discuss different views on health system strengthening (HSS) presented in the literature and policies of global health initiatives and international agencies
  • contribute to the development of context-specific health systems strengthening strategies
  • develop a critical assessment of health system strengthening interventions and strategies


€ 730 EER / 1900 niet-EER


NVAO , geldig tot 30 september 2024

Course Leader(s)

  • Bruno Marchal

Course Coördinator(s)

  • Marlon Garcia Lopez

Course Administrator(s)

  • Linde De Kinder


  • HSS@itg.be