Short Courses

Wij bieden meer dan 20 gespecialiseerde cursussen van korte duur over gezondheidsgerelateerde onderwerpen in de biomedische en klinische wetenschappen en de volksgezondheid. Ze kunnen afzonderlijk (creditcontract) of als onderdeel van een studieprogramma (diplomacontract) worden gevolgd.

Défis en Santé Internationale

Pharmaceutical policies in health systems

Introduction à la Médecine Tropicale

Non-communicable Diseases

Health Systems Performance Analysis

Health Systems Strengthening

Write your paper based on Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data on reproductive and child health

Clinical Decision-Making for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Outbreak Investigations and Research

Hospital-based Interventions to Contain Antibiotic Resistance in Low-resource Settings

Global Health in times of crises

Sustainable Approaches to Infectious Disease Control and Elimination

Tropical Medicine and Clinical Decision Making

Challenges in International Health

Research Approaches in International Health

Introduction to Tropical Medicine

Data for Action

Applied Epidemiology

Molecular Data for Infectious Diseases

Qualitative and Mixed Methods in International Health Research

Short Course in Clinical Research and Evidence-Based Medicine

Multivariable Analysis

Achieving Universal Health Coverage by 2030: The Health Financing and Social Protection Challenges

Sexual & Reproductive Health and HIV: beyond Silos