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Health Policy & Governance

This 3-week course will equip you with the tools to analyse health policies, initiate policy change and develop strategies for health governance and accountability.

Deadline: 15 oktober 2022

Short Courses

  • Face-to-face

  • Antwerp

5 ECTS-credits



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In today’s pluralist health systems, effective decision makers engage in a policy dialogue with actors at all levels of the health system, with international actors and with actors from other sectors. They act upon governance arrangements, which can be enablers or barriers to actual implementation of policies. Moreover, they respond to people’s increasing demand for better public accountability in health care.


This 3-week course on health policy and governance is relevant for health policy makers, local health system managers, programme managers and researchers involved in health policy processes and governance at different levels, both within and beyond the health sector.


The course includes perspectives from disciplines such as public health, political science, public administration, organisational sociology and economics.


The department of public health at ITM has a longstanding expertise and experience in supporting, implementing and studying health policy processes LMIC. The input of ITM staff is complemented by the involvement of worldwide partners and alumni. Participants also benefit from the rich exchange of experience between professionals originating from different parts of the world.


The overall aim is to equip the participants with methods, tools and techniques to analyse health policies and governance arrangements, initiate policy change and strategize for better governance.


After completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the role of politics and power differentials, and their influence on the policy processes, the health governance system, and their outcomes
  • Explain the roles that different categories of actors and networks play in different phases of the policy process and in governance frameworks
  • Analyse health policy processes and governance arrangements using appropriate theories, methods and tools
  • Analyse the policy process in the context of multi-level governance arrangements, with specific attention for the interfaces between the decentralised, national and global levels
  • Develop and present policy/institutional change scenarios with a view of strengthening health systems to achieve the objective of Universal Health Coverage


€ 730 EER / 1900 niet-EER


NVAO , geldig tot 30 september 2024

Course Leader(s)

  • Sara Van Belle

Course Coördinator(s)

  • Marlon Garcia Lopez

Course Administrator(s)

  • Linde De Kinder


  • HPG@itg.be