Institute of Tropical Medicine

52nd Annual Colloquium

Health Research towards Universal Coverage

Calling upon Emerging voices to make the difference

Winners of the essay competition

Name First Name Country Title of essay
Abimbola Seye Nigeria Reflections on the non-existent health system
Agaba Edgar Uganda Essay Topic: A comprehensive and participatory approach to health systems research:
What can we learn from feasibility studies in the context of community projects to improve health care coverage?
Alfred Jean-Patrcik Haiti Le coût de la gratuité en santé
Assarag Bouchra Morocco Gratuité des soins obstétricaux et accès aux services, quelle réalité au Maroc ?
Assefa Yibeltal Ethiopia Increasing Access to HIV/AIDS Services using Community Health Workers in Ethiopia
Ba Maymouna Senegal Des politiques de gratuité au cœur d’un système de recouvrement des coûts : le dilemme des pays à faibles revenus dans le cadre de l’amélioration de la santé des plus démunis.
Exemple du Sénégal
Barro Mamoudou Burkina Faso Subventions des soins et des évacuations sanitaires, DS Kéita (Niger).
Bigirwa Patrick Uganda Health system research: a tool for identifying impediments to universal health coverage
Bukele Kekemb Théophane Democratic Republic of the Congo Business model pour l’écosystème de la santé et l’amélioration de la couverture des soins
Carabali Jenny Mabel Colombia Including social determinants in health research: A forgotten component of universal health coverage.
Daivadanam Meena India Health Systems and the common man: is there a trade-off? 
Degefu Fassil Ethiopia The Role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Health care towards universal Coverage, the Ethiopian case study.
Desta Eyelachew Ethiopia Accessing the “hard to reach community”, nomadic pastoralists.
Fidelis de Almeida Patty Brazil The achievement of the universal right to health in Brazil through a Comprehensive Primary Care
Flores Walter Guatemala Inequities of power as a major barrier to achieving universal access to health
Foe Eloundou Bertrand Joël Cameroon Nouvelles Politiques de lutte contre le paludisme en Afrique Subsaharienne : une implication communautaire ; entre réalité et perspectives au Bénin
Gurupira Wilfred Zimbabwe How Health research can foster significant progress towards universal health coverage
Jain Kamlesh India Rural Medical Assistant- A ray of hope for Primary Health Care? A experience of Chhattisgarh State - India
Joarder Taufique Bangladesh Achieving Universal Health Coverage through Community Empowerment: Comprehensive Primary Health Care Approach in Bangladesh
Kadio Bernard Côte d'Ivoire Inégalité d'accès aux soins de santé des femmes du secteur informel en Afrique. Que peut apporter la recherche? 
Kalolo Albino Tanzania Getting research findings into policy and practice in developing countries for achieving universal coverage to health care: does it matter anyway?
Keugong Basile Cameroon Les stratégies d’accès à des interventions spécifiques peuvent-elles aboutir à l’accès universel aux soins dans les pays à faible revenu?
Khim Vathanak Cambodia How health research can foster significant progress towards universal health coverage in low income countries
Kouamé Morris Konan Senegal Politique de développement des gratuités catégorielles ou assurance maladie universelle : quel est le meilleur choix pour un accès universel à des soins de qualité ?
Kumar Omesh India Breaking the blockade to access a cheaper vaccine in India. Implementing research for universal accessibility, saving lives and resources of the poor !
Malik Asmat Ullah Pakistan Mapping Power: Researching the Networks that Influence PHC Coverage
Meda Clément Burkina Faso Recherche, approches et stratégies d’accès aux soins dans les districts sanitaires des pays à faibles revenus pour l’amélioration de la couverture sanitaire, cas du district sanitaire de Orodara au Burkina Faso.
Misuka Irene Tanzania Parasitological confirmation of malaria prior treatment in area of high malaria transmission: hope or hoax ? Example of mainland Tanzania
Monera Tsitsi Grace Zimbabwe Research Focused on Traditional Health Systems and its Integration into Conventional Health Systems has Great Potential to Improve Health Coverage in Developing Countries.
Mulongo Mmbasu Samuel Kenya Is it time to redefine "success" among health care professionals in Africa?
Narayan Lalit India Researching and acting on language barriers to health care in India
Ndiaye Sara Senegal La lutte contre le paludisme au district sanitaire de Touba (Sénégal) : la dimension collective
Ngo Anh Vietnam The primary health care system in Vietnam - the need for reform to achieve universal coverage
Nigatu Tamrat Ethiopia Universal access to family planning services in Ethiopia: the role of health extension workers
Nimpagaritse Manassé Burundi Une Gratuité ciblée pour réduire les inégalités d’accès aux soins au Burundi
Nkonki Lungiswa Leonora South Africa Determinants of Lay Health Worker attrition
Nombre Seydou Côte d'Ivoire Pour un accès univerel aux soins de santé, responsabilisons les populations 
Okungu Vincent Kenya Toward universal coverage: What role can the informal sector play in low income countries?
Patcharanarumol Walaiporn Thailand Achieving universal health coverage: experiences of Thai health financing reforms
Prashanth NS India To PPP or not to PPP: health system research to resist falling for the dichotomy trap
Shafik Amal Egypt “Remind me again why we are here?” Bringing “Community” back into CBHI schemes
Sharma Sanjib Kumar Nepal What do we need: innovative technology or affordable solutions?
Shishir Dahal Nepal Tele-Safe Motherhood Pilot Project in Rolpa District of Nepal
Sieleunou Isidore Cameroon Pourquoi un accès universel aux soins de santé dans les pays pauvre est aussi une responsabilité des pays riches?
Suárez victor Peru Assurance Universel dans les pays en développement : coût efficace et équité
Sunyoto Temmy Indonesia The humaneness of research: an appeal 
Torres-Tovar Mauricio Colombia How research can be used as a tool for the enforceability of the universal health care right. 
Tushune Kora Ethiopia Universal Health Coverage in the Context of Rapid Scale Up of Limited Health Interventions in Low Income Developing Countries: The Case of National Health Extension Program of Ethiopia
Ulikpan Anar Mongolia Can Sector-Wide Approach (SWAp) underpin and advance Universal Health Coverage (UHC)?
Victoria Kajja Uganda Positive prevention among young people infected by HIV/AIDS: a Ugandan perspective
Villarreal Maria Augusta Molina Ecuador Silent means to privatize healthcare services of the Ecuadorian social security
Zerbo Aïda Burkina Faso Accès aux soins dans les pays pauvres: De privilégiés à privilège!