ITM believes that each world citizen should be able to enjoy a healthy life, and that scientific progress is a motor of societal development.


ITM aims at the advancement and spread of the sciences that contribute to tropical medicine and to public health in developing countries, inclusive of their global dimensions.


ITM conducts, within a coherent academic triad, fundamental, translational and applied scientific research; delivers advanced education and training; and provides medical, scientific and societal expert services.


ITM strives in the fulfilment of its mission for excellence, integrity, specificity and efficiency. It upholds human dignity and diversity, academic creativity and critical sense, solidarity and collaboration, and the well-being of its employees, students, patients and other clients.


We are always looking for new colleagues to strengthen the ranks of our scientists, medical staff and and supporting services.

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Prof. Dr. Bruno Gryseels

For over a century, the Institute of Tropical Medicine offers a window to the world. Students from over 30 countries specialise in tropical infectious diseases and health care right here in Antwerp. Our scientists carry out research in laboratories and in the field, in collaboration with partners in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. Our doctors and nurses offer travel advice, vaccinations and medical care tailored to the individual patient, treating imported diseases, HIV and STDs.

Our globalised world is changing rapidly and the Institute adapts. As a result of increased trade, migration, tourism and climate change, we face big health questions today. With our top level education, research and service delivery we contribute to the answers to these questions. We strengthen our partner organisations so they can take charge of science and health care in their own country and we jointly work towards scientific progress and better health.

In a way this website is a window to the world as well, with stories and images from all corners of the world about many different topics. I wish you much reading and viewing pleasure.

Prof. dr. Bruno Gryseels

Prof. Dr. Bruno Gryseels



Total: 435
175: Academic, scientific and medical staff
260: Administrative and technical staff

Male/female ratio

36%: Male / 64%: Female

M/F ratio academic, scientific and medical staff

35%: Male / 65%: Female

M/F ratio administrative and technical staff

31%: Male / 69%: Female

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